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FAQ (Pool Policies Detailed):

1.     CHAIRS IN ZERO DEPTH AREA - Sand chairs (not lounge chairs) may be brought to the edge of the zero depth area behind the pool gutter.  They are not allowed in the water.

2.     FOOD IN THE POOL – Food or drink may not be eaten anywhere in the water.   The lifeguards have been instructed to ask the member to leave the water until they are finished.  If food is spilled it may damage the filter system.

3.     DIAPERS – Children should wear plastic ‘swimmies’ in the water.  If you forget them they can be purchased at the front desk.  Under no circumstances should cloth diapers or disposable diapers be worn.  Managers may ask the member to remove their child from the water until they are changed into ‘swimmies’.

4.     DIAPER CHANGING – Please take your child into the rest room for changing.  Do not change them on the chairs this could spread disease.

CHAIR REMINDER - On crowded days please remind your child to allow adult members use of the chairs.


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Last modified: March 10, 2002