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CPM called with an update at 7:30am.  The pump is NOW WORKING and the pool is FULL (an indication that it has been running all night).  The Columbus Electric repairman's tools are still there which indicates
that he will be back to finish up but never -the- less it looks as if
we are back in business and will be open this afternoon (Wed).  While
we don't know for sure at this time what the exact problem was (we
will know for sure later today), it may be that the pump impeller was
simply clogged with crud even though there are multiple screens to
keep it from happening.

It will take a day or two for temperature to come back up to the
comfort zone that we had Saturday. They are adjusting the PH level
today as the pool has been sitting... yet at least we can reopen!

They will be working on an electrical circuit issue this morning and
plan to have diving well cleaned out and everything ready for this
afternoon as well.  Water in diving well is pretty warm as it has
been circulating all this time.  Diving boards will be ready too.

We did have quite a bit of "damage" from last nights storm (chairs in
the pool, trash strewn, branches  leaves etc) that they will clean up
prior to opening today.

Thanks for your understanding,
OSA Board of Directors


2004 Annual Meeting.

Voting Results:

For authorizing (a) a proposed transaction between OSA and the City of Powell, pursuant to which the assets of OSA (e.g., the pool, the bathhouse and all related personal property) will be transferred to the City of Powell effective January 1, 2005 and the City of Powell will assume the liabilities of the OSA (primary bank debt) effective January 1 2005 and (b) certain amendments to the Code of Regulations of the OSA that are necessary to be implemented in connection with the proposed transaction, which amendments will be effective only if the City of Powell authorizes the proposed transaction.

For Proposal 120

Against Proposal  71

The Proposal was passed. Negotiations with the City of Powell and the O.S.A. Board of Directors are now in progress.


'Tangy Tornadoes (OSA - Powell Pool) 2004 Swim and Dive Team Registration will be (announced)  at the Village Green, 47 Hall Street, Powell. This is a mandatory meeting for returning and new Swim/Dive Team Members. Team membership is restricted to members of the OSA - Powell Pool. Registration fees are Swim Team or Dive Team, $60.00 per participant. Should a person wish to participate on both swim and dive teams the fee is $90.00 per participant. Team suits and apparel will be available for purchase. Call Heidi Garverick (614) 848-3036 with questions.


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Our Pool's Management Company

  Columbus Pool Management   
  Manager- George Zimmerman
phone - 740-549-4622
E:mail - [email protected]




The City of Powell

  OSA and the community thanks the Village of Powell for donating land for the construction of this pool.  Without its generous donation, no pool would have been possible.



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Last modified: June 16, 2004